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Buffy Fact File

Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Address: 1630 Revello Drive, Sunnydale, California
Formerly: Los Angeles
Date of Birth: January 20/21 1981 (She's a Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde (has gotten blonder over the years)
Marital Status: Single
Religious Persuasion: Unclear but probably agnostic (celebrates Christmas though) "Note to self: religion - freaky." (What's My Line, Part 1)


Dating History:

Children: None, but guardian to younger sister Dawn since her mother's death.



Pets: None, unless you count lovesick puppy Spike. Doesn't do well with animals: sat on her giga-pet and killed her fish.

Occupation: Slaymaster General

Previous Employment:

Car: None, Buffy is a notoriously bad driver - she failed the written test and they wouldn't let her take the practical.

Skills: Slaying, ice-skating.

Known Likes: Cheese, Willow, 'I touch myself' by DiVinyls, 2 parts Orange juice to 1 part Grapefruit juice, crunchy peanut butter, ice skating (without the irony), Mr. Gordo, puppies, chocolate, Molly Ringwald films, "Thelma and Louise", pizza, jelly donuts, post-slayage fat-free yogurt, Thanksgiving, Beer, Mexican food, waffles, Riley's 'James Bond' gadgets, getting all dressed up, unambiguous evil, kicking-ass.

Known Dislikes: Hospitals, Ventriloquists dummies, Hummers, The Watchers Council, out-of-date fashions, bombastic speeches (except when she gives them), Kung Fu movies (totally unbelievable), her mother and Giles kissing, "Hot dog surprise", John Tesh, Cher's "Believe", "when they drown me."

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