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A slayer and a witch. A fashion plate and a hacker. A blonde and a redhead — you get the idea! Here you can read great fanfic starring Buffy and Willow in the romantic relationship they should have always enjoyed.

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Voting TimePosted: 2013-10-15
It's that time again. The government may be shut down, but the voting continues.

The Sunnydale Awards are open for voting. Please show some love for Whedonist. She has "Happy Development" and "Dark Passenger" up, each of which are long-standing Wiffy fics that deserve the recognition. Valyssia is also well represented in the competition. Please Vote.

The White Knight Awards are also open for voting. Val has some pro-Xander stories up for consideration. Let's go play nice with the Xander fans. Show them that it's possible to like Xander and Wiffy at the same time.

My Paws and Whiskers, I'm LatePosted: 2013-09-24
The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is coming this November, and I've been running a DW marathon in preparation. Sorry.

The SunnyD Awards are open for nominations until 30 September.

The White Knight Awards are also open for nominations. True, we're kinda Wiffy-centric here, but maybe you can think of some pro-Xander fics from our authors. And we're quite compatible with the Xander fans.

VotingPosted: 2013-06-01
The Sunnydale Awards are open for voting. Please show some love for our authors.

The International Day of Femslash has finished its poll and Buffy got in! On Saturday, 20 July 2013, there will be a Buffy panel at 2pm Eastern. We don't yet know who the panelists will be this year, but we hope to see you there.

Award TimePosted: 2013-04-18
The latest round of the Sunnydale Awards is open for nominations. This is your chance to show our authors some love.

The International Day of Femslash site has a poll running for what fandoms get panels at this year's FemSlashCon. Please vote for "Buffy", and four other fandoms you'd like to hear from.

AwardsPosted: 2013-03-11
The Big Gun Award Runner Up

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for this. I am very honored.

And big congratulations to Valyssia for her incredible win in the 2013 Willowy Goodness Awards. She earned fifteen awards against some stiff competition.

Don't forget, the Absence of Light Awards are still open for voting. Just until March 15th, though, so go vote now if you haven't already done so.
Best Fanfic Website Runner Up   The Big Gun Award Runner Up
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