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Willow Fact File

Name: Willow Danielle Rosenberg
Address: Summers Residence, 1630 Revello Drive, Sunnydale, California
Formerly of: Rooms 214 then 213, Stevenson Hall, UC Sunnydale
Date of Birth: Unclear 1980/1981
Eyes: Green
Hair: Various shades of red (Goes black if she gets extrememly pissed off)
Marital Status: Single (Lived with Tara Maclay, then Kennedy.)
Religious Persuasion: Jewish


SAT Score: 740 Verbal(she was disappointed in this), so probably even higher on Math.

Dating History:

Children: None, but she and Tara took over caring for Dawn while Buffy was dead.


  • Mother: Sheila - A child psychologist. Isn't an attentive mother.
  • Father: Ira. It has been hinted at that he is religious. Possibly absent minded.
  • Willow is an only child...as far as we know.
  • Has relatives in Phoenix.
  • Friends:

  • Buffy Summers - Best Friend
  • Xander Harris - Best Friend since childhood. Crushed on him for most of her life and was briefly involved romantically with him.
  • Rupert Giles - Shared appreciation for education, knowledge and books.
  • Jenny Calendar - Willow's mentor figure. A 'techno-pagan'.
  • Cordelia Chase - Childhood nemesis turned semi-friend. (There was a 'We Hate Cordelia Club', Willow was possibly president, Xander was the treasurer). Relationship was damaged when Cordelia found Willow kissing her boyfriend (Xander). Willow and Cordy keep in touch via phone.
  • Anya Christina Emmanuela Jenkins - They get along for Xander's sake. May have moved into 'real friend' category in late Season 5 - bonding over Tara's care.
  • Dawn Summers - Willow has the coolness factor of being older without the burden of being an actual big sister.
  • Amy Madison (pre & post-ratting) - Used to eat brownies together when they were younger. Later in life they cast spells together.
  • Jesse - was friends with Willow and Xander. Vamped by Darla and staked by Xander.
  • Pets: None currently. She did have goldfish but they were killed by Angelus. She took care of Amy while she was a rat. She and Tara had a cat (Miss Kitty Fantastico - implied crossbow accident) Claims to be 'more of a dog person.'

    Occupation: Student.

    Other Work-related stuff:

    Car: None, has been seen riding a bike. Can drive cars using magic, usually with not very nice results.

    Skills: Hacking, spellcasting, playing the piano (but not in front of people.)

    Known Likes: Books, the internet, Macintosh computers, new software (elicits 'the squeak of geeker joy'), magic (a little too much), A Charlie Brown Christmas, planning parties, getting her belly rubbed, mochas (despite the fact she's supposed to stay away from caffeine), ventriloquist's dummies, highlighting her homework with a system of different coloured pens (until it was pointed out to her that this was 'insane'...although Tara claims she said 'quirky'), 'Peanuts', breasts...of the chicken variety, seeing people in love, the soda machine in Sunnydale High, rented shoes (they turn her on...ewww), strange clothes and hats.

    Known Dislikes: Frogs, Faith, people looking at her, spiders, stereotyping of witches (except with really cute little girls), trick candles, Harmony, being left out/taken for granted/thought of as reliable/treated like a sidekick, Buffy dying.

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